• Home video cameras
  • Business video cameras
  • High video quality
  • Smart phone, PC & Mac access
  • Analog to digital conversion
  • Stand alone DVR, NVR and camera systems with remote access
  • Service, repair, expand existing systems

​​​​Have a system already in place? Have you just moved into a house with a pre-existing home alarm system? Preferred Security, Inc can bring that system online and start providing you and your family with an active home security system.

Mobile Phone Apps

Preferred Security & Electronics has the camera and video solutions you want and need for your home and business. There is a vast range of quality available when it comes to camera systems and their components .

​​Preferred Security & Electronics offers security systems that are customized to fit the needs of your home or business. Some features available are:

  • ​Cellular Communication - It has become an important part of our daily life. Besides using cell phones for voice communication, we are now able to access the Internet, conduct monetary transactions, send text messages etc. using our cell phones, and new services continue to be added. Therefore, it is important to provide users with a secure channel for communication for their security system using the same technology.. 
  • Door & Window Sensors - to detect break ins.
  • Motion Detectors - will sound the alarm if someone finds a way into your home. These sensors can be positioned to avoid going off for a dog or cat. You can activate your motion sensor and leave your pet in the home.
  • Smoke & Fire Alarms – smoke detectors and heat detectors can be integrated with your home's security system so that emergency services are contacted immediately whether you are in the home or away on vacation.
  • Emergency Services - Security keypads that allow you to call for medical or police assistance with the touch of a button
  • Remote Controls / Keyfob - Turn your alarm system off and on through a keychain remote, or even through a smart phone.
  • Door chimes to help alert you when someone is entering or exiting
  • ​Security Signs

*These are some of the services we offer, if you don't see what you are looking for please call our office.

24 Hour On-Call Service Provided

Security Camera Systems

Remote Desktop Software Windows/Mac OS

We create simple, affordable smart home & business solutions.

Home & Commercial ​​Security Systems